Our eco-friendly pest control management services offer a safer and more sustainable solution.

We prioritize the health of our customers and the environment by using techniques that are natural, non-toxic, and safe for non-targeted organisms. 

Pests Include: 

Pest Control Management We offer:

There is a high risk of pest infection in shops, malls, health care facilities, and any business involved in the handling of food products, due to the constant flow of customers, employees, and deliveries from different suppliers. This is why it is so important to take strong preventative measures. 

Hiseka Pest Control Management Plan Includes:

  1. Risk assessment: A thorough assessment of the facility to identify potential pest activity and entry points.

  2. Prevention measures: Proper sanitation practices, exclusion techniques, and structural repairs.

  3. Monitoring and detection: Regular monitoring and inspection of the facility to identify pest activity

  4. Pest management procedures: Prompt and effective control measures should be taken to eliminate them. 

  5. Documentation and record-keeping: All pest management activities documented and recorded

  6. Training and education: All  staff receives proper training on pest management procedures and their role in preventing infestations.

  7. Regulatory compliance: Compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.

Wasp nest removal

With Hiseka, you can trust the process of safely removing a wasp nest to reduce the risk of wasp stings and prevent damage to property. 

Our professional wasp nest removal services prioritise safety and use specialised equipment to remove the nest.